Dogwood Hill

Featured in books, magazines, and on local garden and nature conservancy tours – this New Canaan property is home to a bounty of gardens and connecting pathways. Filled with flowers and trees galore, the property is seasonally ever changing, with a different perspective at every turn. The perfect mix of color and texture allow this outdoor wonderland to truly awaken the senses.

Rowayton Beach Bungalow

From city to beach town, these homeowners wanted to reflect their new lifestyle and location with seaside appropriate plants and decor. This look was achieved with the perfect blend of flowers for a pop of tropical color, greenery for privacy, and containers to frame a welcoming door.

New Canaan Privacy

Being nestled in downtown New Canaan, privacy was this homeowner’s number one priority; however, privacy without sacrificing the visually stunning space. By introducing plants that are on par in scale to the home, the residence not only got the seclusion it needed, but also felt more in touch with its surroundings.

Outdoor Living

From pergolas to fire pits, Heather combines color and texture to creates outdoor spaces that feels not only usable, but welcoming to family and friends.

Darien Transformation

A quaint and visually striking outdoor oasis. Adding the perfect plantings and furniture softened the space – making it more welcoming and user-friendly.

On the Rocks

This project started and has been maintained for over 20 years and with 2 owners. The property features a stone home, with a rocky outcropping water front view. Color was introduced to an otherwise gray space with a variety of flowers; however, plant height and growth were greatly kept in mind to ensure the fab view of the Long Island Sound was not, and would never be, obstructed.


Pool areas have potential for fun beyond just swimming. Keeping in mind that they are viewable from most places inside the home, Heather strives to create a colorful, aesthetic zone that is visually pleasing all year.


Gardens don’t only have to be enjoyed in warm weather, with the right plants and texture they can be spectacular all year round. By keeping in mind location and environment, gardens truly flourish.


From walkways to patios, these areas can feel like an extension of the home if done right. The perfect mix of color, texture and material allows these areas to be visually pleasing and totally usable.

New Canaan Grand